Almost a year since I last updated this site... wow. I wonder if anybody even reads it anymore? Hopefully it'll get a few more hits... for those who don't know... which I can't see being anybody since I've posted about it on Facebook a lot, I have a new album coming out, hopefully some time in June of this year. The title of the album is "Saying Goodbye To Yesterday" and it's a far departure from the last three albums I've done. One of the reasons is because the album, aside from vocals and possibly one song if I can get help, is done entirely with Virtual Instruments (Midi), which means I didn't have access to gutiars or any such thing. With this album being done this way, the instrumentation throughout is going to be similar to Apologies, which I released almost a year ago. That Truro trip was really the start of this album. The song Apartheid which is on one of the Vlogs is finally going to be released in a finished, re-done form on it. Every single song on this album I composed myself and wrote myself, which is a first since I started doing this and a tremendous feeling. I've been using the free beta of Acoustica Mixcraft 6 for all of the recording and mastering. I have also composed a couple of last minute songs for the album in it. I do have to say, I really want this software when I have income again.

I plan to post one of the recorded songs from the album in a couple of weeks as a preview. Some of the songs on this album, like Apartheid, are remakes of songs I wrote in the past. One as far back as 2007, when I very first started making music. I did this because the album title is more of a self made resolution than anything else. The songs across the album are mostly summaries of past negative emotions that I want to leave behind me, and as such it has a bit of a depressing vibe. There is some upbeat stuff on the album though, and a little bit of storytelling since I really, really enjoyed doing that with Black Sun.

If you're actually here, then thanks for reading. I'll have an update in the next few days. And just to let you know... I have a little bit less than 2 weeks left in my Mixcraft trial, so I will have to have the album fully recorded and mastered in that time. It WILL be out this month. :)

 - Rob 

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